John Ryan

John is an accomplished interaction and product designer, with a passion for working in emerging and innovative contexts. His hybrid skills bridge the gap between User-Centered thinking and technical understanding.

Design for Tomorrow

John has a particular interest in exploring new interaction paradigms and emerging technologies, including interactions beyond screens, collaborative interfaces, and data-driven tools.

Pixels + Code

As a hybrid designer/technologist, John uses (and creates) tools and methodologies that ‘close the loop’ between between designers and engineers.

Human(e) Design

John’s aspires to use design to have a positive impact on society. Over the years, he’s worked on projects in education, international development, charities, museums, and the arts.

Experience & Education

John currently serves as Director of Interaction Design at Local Projects, while also serving as a creative director and interaction designer.

Before Local Projects, John applied design and technology to development challenges at UNICEF, created software tools for fellow designers, and ran a small inter-disciplinary design studio in Ireland. John holds a MFA in Media Design from Art Center College of Design and a BSc in Multimedia from Dublin City University.

For a complete work history:

John D. Ryan, Designer