Quorum Browsing

Academic Project

Critical mass web-browsing

This series of investigations seeks to disrupt the selfish interface of the web browser. What happens when our private browsing experiences are shared with others, or when we need to physically gather a group together to access the web?

One Quorum Browsing project is a website that requires a critical mass of viewers from the same location to access it simultaneously before it becomes accessible. The individual act of interacting with a site in a browser is made collective (and social) by requiring the recruitment of others to access the site at the same time— and in the same place—as you. Try the live prototype at wewewe.johndryan.me


Comouse Experiments

Another of these investigations disrupts the cursor as an icon of self-agency and individual control. Instead, it provides an experience of others’ interactions through a shared cursor that every connected user collectively controls to complete a shared task.

This project is part of the body of work and research that constitute my MFA thesis, Declarations of Interdependence.